The Alternative Dispute Resolution Clinic (ADRC) is ideal for students who wish to expand the range of dispute resolution tools they use when solving problems, including future litigators wanting to learn more about alternatives to formal court proceedings and students who want to deepen their knowledge of traditional Bhutanese dispute resolution practice.

The clinic is directed by Ms. Kuenzang Dolma (  

From Day 1, students will act as problem solvers. Working in local courts as court-annexed mediators, they will work hand in hand with court officials to help mediate civil cases, thereby reducing the court’s caseload and identifying efficient “win-win” solutions for disputants. Students will focus on the intangible skills of facilitating communication, building trust, and helping parties identify value-optimizing solutions to their disputes.

During their second semester, students will use their newfound expertise to work on larger-scale dispute system design challenges. Students may work with stakeholders to facilitate consensus around a particularly knotty issue, or they may help policy makers engineer a process to move forward with a particular development objective.

Students will graduate with vast knowledge and experience on how different types of disputes can be resolved efficiently, fairly, and in line with disputants’ expectations. Learn more about student experiences in the ADRC in the For Students page.

Clients and partners of the clinic can expect a high level of sophistication from students and their faculty supervisors, all of whom will work tirelessly to identify workable solutions to complex problems, and to ensure that those solutions correspond with general expectations of how justice is done in Bhutan. For more on the types of projects done by this clinic, please consult the Project Work page.